HP 5Q-DY0004AU


✔ The fastest processor in a low-budget laptop

✔ High storage space

✔ Comes with Windows 10 preinstalled


❌ Short battery life

❌ Body heats up a lot because of Reyzen processor

HP’s low budget laptops are usually seen as these big-bezel, old looking machines with the most obscure screen resolutions but the most durable hard-plastic bodies. Hp 15q-DY0004AU is a similar laptop with little to no great innovations, but this is what you get if you want some functionality in a laptop worth 25-30,000.

The laptop is powered by an AMD Reyzen 3 2200 U processor and has 4 GB inbuilt RAM. You can get it in Windows 10 for a cheap price which is still considered a breakthrough for low-range laptops.




Weight2.04 KG
Dimensions37.6 x 24.6 x 2.3 cm
Operating SystemWindows 10 Home
Screen Size15.6 Inches
Display Resolution and type1366 x 768 HD LED lit display
Processor TypeAMD Reyzen 3 2200U
RAM Size4 GB (16 GB max)
Memory TechnologyDDR4
Hard Disk1 TB Mechanical Hard Drive (Extra slot for SSD)
Graphics CoprocessorIntegrated AMD Radeon Graphics
Number of USB 2.0 ports2
Number of USB Type-A ports1
Number of HDMI ports1
DVD R/Wyes
Number of Ethernet ports1
Number of Audio-out Ports1
Lithium Battery Energy Content41 WHr
Battery type:Lithium-Ion battery
Number of Lithium-Ion Cells3
Keyboard typeIsland-style keyboard with numeric pad


HP 5Q-DY0004AU

HP 15q gives the overall look of a really average laptop. It’s totally made of hard plastic with just the logo’s circular boundary carved out of shiny metal. The chassis doesn’t flex at all. Only the screen can be pushed a little down from the middle when the lid is closed.

The only good thing about the design’s innovation is that it lets the screen to be lifted with a single hand only. Probably no other low-budget laptop does this thing and this feature is only found in the rarest of premium quality ultrabooks.

The body weighs 2.04 Kg and measures 2.3 cm, which is neither crazy nor too mediocre for a 15.6-inch laptop.


HP 15Q-DY0004AU

For a 15.6-inch laptop screen, the specs on the HP 15q themselves show something unusual. The fact that a screen resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels is given with a 15-inch laptop tells us that the graphics are going to be a nightmare.

Bigger screens require bigger resolutions and with this resolution, nothing can be expected as far as movies, photos and games are concerned.

Other display characteristics are also sort of moderate. The screen offers 220 nits of brightness, and the screen isn’t matte as well. White colour on the screen looks like off-white and the screen has a warm tint on default, which is good for the eyes but isn’t required since windows 10 gives an option for the night light as well.


HP 15Q-DY0004AU

Performance is the most balance feature in the HP 15q. The laptop comes with a 4 GB inbuilt RAM that can be upgraded up to 8 GB. There are two slots for RAM which makes the maximum available memory as 16 GB. Upgrading the RAM to 8 GB is recommended for better performance.

The Reyzen 3 2200U processor is powered by AMD which is a good competitor to the Intel i3 8th gen processors. Reyzen 3 is the best replacement for an Intel since it is less costly and nearly as good as 8th gen in terms of gaming and videos.

The extra advantage in the performance of the 15q is the AMD Radeon Vega 3 graphics. A combination of Vega 3 graphics and Reyzen 3 even outperforms an Intel i3 7th gen with integrated Intel graphics. Still, the gaming activities are recommended to be kept as controlled as possible until you upgrade the RAM or add a better GPU since the inbuilt setup is primarily made for slight multitasking, and not RAM-consuming software.


HP provides you with 1 TB 5400 RPM Mechanical HDD for storage, which is sufficient for daily usage and storage of videos and files. But the 15.6-inch screen gives enough space to the chassis to store an SSD as well.

SSDs are very beneficial for notebooks, especially since they improve the booting speed, overall efficiency as well as the battery life exponentially. Go for a 64/128 GB SSD if you don’t want to spend extra, but that much amount invested can be worthwhile and can increase the laptop’s life by years.


You would have to carry a charger with yourself all times. There is no other choice. The average run time on the HP 15q on 100 nits of brightness and 5-6 programs running in the background lasts around 4 hours, that is it.

HP tried to compensate this with its fast-charge technology that charges the laptop to a wholesome 55-60% in half an hour. But long battery life is always better because you would have to plug it in less frequently.


HP always offers great I.O. ports in its frameworks. And this one is no different.

Left-side: Charging port, Ethernet port, HDMI port, 2 USB 2.0 ports, headset jack

Right-side: Kensington Lock slot, Optical Drive, USB Type-A port, SD card reader

The only thing missing in this laptop’s port distribution in a thunderbolt 3 port, but none of the other low-budget laptops offers this feature. It is likely that laptops would give up the optical drive in the near future to make space for better ports.


Keyboard in the HP 15 has a pretty accurate key travel of 1.7 mm (1.6 is the benchmark). A good key travel helps in typing fast and precisely. The keys have a good amount of horizontal space between them as well. The chassis is strong and doesn’t flex at all.

The touchpad is made of plastic and has separated buttons for clicks, unlike the newer buttonless design which can be seen in modern laptops. Windows 10 precision drivers are installed which makes the touchpad compatible with multi-finger gestures.


The speakers on the HP 15 rest on the chassis, in the space between the hinge and the keyboard. This design prevents the sound from being muffled. But this functional placement isn’t great enough to save the low-quality sound production.

The sound isn’t loud at all. The only option left is to resort to the good and old headphones and wireless speakers. Nothing good is to be expected from the inbuilt speakers of the HP 15Q.


HP 15Q is nothing different from other low-budget laptops manufactured by HP. It has the same Reyzen 3 processor and Radeon graphics, but better versions of them. It is one hand-openable, which gives it a BIG advantage over the competition.

“Who is it meant for?”. Users who type a lot (content writers and bloggers) can take full advantage of the HP 15q and students who want to do nothing but projects and PPTs should buy it. Anyone who wants a good gaming experience should not even bother, still less demanding titles can run given that you upgrade the RAM to at least 8 GB and fit an SSD.

Video editors and graphic designers need not waste their money on this since the screen quality is really dull for a 15.6-inch laptop. Colour reproduction is also mediocre.

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